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12/21/2012 Logically Explained

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 Disclaimer: The following explanation in regards to 12-21-2012 is for all intents and purposes fictitious. I have written and created this for entertainment purposes only (all written materials found here are copyrighted and protected and not for use without the owner's expressed written consent) and it should only be regarded as such. This fictitious theory was the basis for a fictional story (see other blogs). After having read and seen too many unreasonable, illogical, mythical, surrealistic, existential and incomplete theories about what will happen on 12-21-2012, it seemed the only way to find a reasonable and logical explanation was to create one. Always remember, the future can always be changed...

I am not the anti-Christ, nor am I a saint, prophet, or psychic. I am simply a man who sees with more than what this reality has afforded. It is quite possible from a certain point of view that I might be an Angel. An Angel who may be clinically insane by this world's standards, granted, but an Angel none the less. So then, let's get on with it.

December 21st, 2012... Are the Mayans correct? Will something catastrophic happen?

- Yes. Absolutely.

How do I know this will happen?

- It's happened before. Keep an eye out for the upcoming video on youtube: (In Production) and read 'Hindsight 2012' available on Amazon Kindle:

Why should anyone believe me?

- Quite frankly, you shouldn't. I have zero credentials and no association to any professional organization public, or private. All of my thoughts and philosophies are original, created in the recesses of my mind (which if you'll recall, is potentially clinically insane) so should anything I say, or write be thought of as valid there is only common sense and logic to blame.

On to the written explanation of 2012.

In order to understand what is happening now, and what will eventually happen in the future, we must first understand how it all began. Now beginnings are semantic when it comes to Life because everything has been, is, and always will be at the same time, but for description's sake, when I say "began" I speak simply of the existence that we are all familiar with at the present time.

In the Universe, there is infinite space filled with an infinite variety of sub-atomic particles, however there are only three basic types of sub-atomic particles and these types have three individual shapes. We have Gas particles which take the shape of Spheres. We have Solid particles which take the shape of Cubes. And last, but not least we have Light particles which take the shape of 4-sided Pyramids (hence "Triangle of Light"). I realize that the information above can not be found in any of our science textbooks, but that is only due to the lack of data we have as we are limited by what our current technology allows us to see not due to some conspiracy theory.
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As there is infinite space in the Universe, that space is filled with an infinite combination of these sub-atomic particles. In some parts, these particles can be found in complete order and alignment allowing for a totally harmonious existence. In other areas these particles exist in a constant state of anarchy. Proof of this can be found in solar systems, nebulas, and black holes.

The “Pauli exclusion principle” has long since been known to the physics world, however the majority of people only know Wolfgang Pauli by the common quote: “Two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time.” Unknown to most, this simple statement is the explanation for the existence of what we know today to be a “black hole”.

A black hole is (for simplification purposes) merely 2 sub-atomic particles attempting to occupy the same exact space in the universe at the same time. Most are taught to think that space is infinite, but in reality space is both infinite, and finite in that space is infinitely filled with an infinite number of particles. Simply because we are unable to see at the sub-atomic level with our limited vision and technology does not mean that there is nothing there and while the limits of space are infinite, so then is the quantity of molecules that occupy it as such.

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Imagine a piece of graphing paper. If we relate a piece of graphing paper to a cut-out section of space then on the surface we can place a point at each and every cross where the lines intersect and end up with what looks to be complete congruity. However, this would be based upon the idea that all sub-atomic particles within this space are completely identical and equal in every way. Now with the size of space, the possibility of this existing is high, but then again, so is the possibility that it isn’t. In other words, probability could theoretically be 50% at any given time in any given area of space.

Chaos mathematics explains the existence of interacting sub-atomic particles throughout space by displaying anomalies in number sequences. For those of you who require a simple explanation of chaos mathematics I offer the following quick and easy example- for many calculations the answer will result in a repetition of the same number: 43.597866666666666 (The number 6 begins to repeat itself) However, for no logical reason if we continue calculating this sequence the number that repeats itself will eventually skew off into a different direction (i.e.) 6666666663985000311012… While looking at this phenomenon on a calculator or computer may tell us very little, if one were to graph this out from all angles as a 3D line where the numbers are representative of a rate of speed and distance we would see a curve change into a straight line and then change back into a different curve. In other words, we would actually “see” an image of the behavior of sub-atomic particles in space at the sub-atomic level.

Why do these curves exist? They happen in space due to forces that are born from what we call “black holes”. Two sub-atomic particles in an infinite sea of probability are attempting to occupy the same space at the same time, however they obviously can not do so and therefore they collide, or crash against one another. Similar to the children’s game “King of the Mountain”, the person who climbs to the top of the mountain will knock the previous “King” off of the top only to find themselves in their previous position when they get knocked off and so on and so forth. With two molecules fighting to occupy the same space at the same time, the point of collision creates friction which sends each sub-atomic particle into a circular orbit until they come full circle and collide again. This is best illustrated through the number “8”, or as the symbol for infinity- aptly named as this behavior never ends. In other cultures, this image is depicted as the Yin-Yang. As these two sub-atomic particles tend to collide and rebound with no particular direction, it is only when another black hole draws near that the collision creates a uni-directional vortex (pictured above).

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As this process occurs at tremendous velocity, surrounding sub-atomic particles which formally occupied a fixed space are affected and are pulled into the same orbits. Eventually other sub-atomic particles are pulled together creating an infinite number of molecules which are in turn pulled together to form elemental structures which adhere, fuse and combine with each other in an infinite number of ways, becoming larger and more substantial every passing turn. Metaphorically and abstractly speaking, similar to how a dustball is created. Larger Gas particles are trapped while smaller ones may escape. Solid particles will be trapped consisting mainly of metal alloys due to their density and weight. Light particles will constantly escape as their shape is the only one of the three that allows for freedom of movement and the separation of other particles.

When molecules are created, some combinations are denser, and heavier than others (mainly alloys, or metals) and these move closest to the originial 2 sub-atomic particles fighting for the same space. The only other molecules small enough to pass through these spaces are what we call “gaseous” molecules. The friction created through the collisions of metallurgical molecules combined with the surrounding gases create heat which can be thought of as the friction between particles when light particles are in the process of destroying or breaking down combined structures for the purpose of escape. Light particles are the pyramid shaped sub-atomic particles which no technology that we possess could possibly see were an individual sub-atomic particle placed alone in a finite amount of space.

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Due to the intense heat generated, lighter molecules are constantly pushed outwards from the center and eventually combine with multiple combinations of other various molecules which also begin to condense. As more and more molecules begin to gather, or “clump” together they begin to take on the attributes of a sphere as that is the most efficient form to take when moving in a circular motion. Depending on the distance from the Sun, the amount of light and heat available and subsequently the existence of certain gases as well as the potential for molecules in a liquid state, eventually these spherical “clumps” will continue to grow in size until we have what we know to be “planets”.
In other words, according to scientists, the center of our galaxy is a black hole far from our planet. It is true, there is a neighboring black hole in the center of the Milky Way, but it does not change the fact that there are two much closer to our planet. In reality, the center of our life is the Sun and at the center of our Sun is a supermassive black hole, in fact at the center of every star is a supermassive black hole and because of the nature of supermassive black holes, they are constantly moving, changing, and growing until finally due to critical mass, they implode and then explode, only to start the process all over again. Therefore the black hole that exists at the center of the Milky Way is at its’ infancy stage, whereas our Sun is nearing its’ full adulthood with only 9-11 planets left until Supernova where much like the mythological Phoenix, everything will be reborn and happen again.

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In our solar system, at the present time we have nine planets (if you still include Pluto). If you look at our planets in a row you will simply see an evolutionary chart of planets. In other words, there is currently no life on Mars, but that does not mean that there won’t eventually be. As each planet is drawn into the Sun (black hole) the next planet in line evolves. In other words, Mercury used to be Venus, Venus used to be Earth and so on… Earth at its’ current distance from the Sun is the only planet in our solar system capable of life as it is the only planet capable that houses water (H20) in its’ liquid state. That means eventually Earth will be drawn to the sun and our water will evaporate into space where it will freeze until it is pulled into Mars which will become the next Earth when it inherits the moon. Recently scientists have discovered grass on the surface of Mars. This further reinforces my theory that Mars has not yet had life, but it will in the future. That's right, global warming is simply all of our planets drawing nearer to the Sun. (It's been documented, the temperature on ALL of the planets is increasing.)

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You see, the moon originated from an explosion from the sun, not a supernova (more of a miniature version of what’s to come later if you will). When a large quantity of gas molecules gather in the same space within the sun, heat and expansion will force the gas to move towards the surface which creates what we see through telescopes and satellite imagery as “solar flares” or explosions on the surface of the sun. Often times these explosions will let loose large quantities of liquid metal, (similar to “popping a zit”) which freeze in space and fly through the solar system until they are drawn into a planet’s orbit. On Earth we call them “Meteors”. The moon came from an immense explosion, most likely 800 million years ago and this is what last caused our poles to shift. The moon was cracked when another large meteor struck it, which probably occurred 65 million years ago as this would explain the extinction of the dinosaurs. Now normally solar flares travel in enormous arcs near the Sun's surface, but this is due to the influence of magnetic fields and orbital velocity currents of planets in our solar system.

Back to the original topic- our solar system is actually constantly spiralling, but it is not always spiralling in the same direction. If you’ll recall, the original 2 sub-atomic particles are colliding and while one particle creates its’ orbit in one direction, so the other creates its’ own. I realize this is a difficult and very complex concept to grasp, but at the heart of our supermassive black hole, what might be 1/5125 of a nano-second to the sub-atomic particles colliding in their change of direction, when echoed across a vast amount of space, such as the distance between the center of our sun and the planet earth, the relative change in time is equal to the distance and size. In our current timeline, that 1/5125th of a nano-second could mean 5125 Earth years (i.e. one full cycle of a Mayan Calendar).

Now a very, very long time ago when the planets were being formed, this would have been much easier to witness as there would be infinitely fewer variables, but at the present time the effects of these changes in direction are now influenced by the existence of our 9 planets as well as neighboring solar systems and their respective forces. Our textbooks would have us believe that each planet is on a fixed orbit, which simply is not true. We are simply spiraling at such a minimal rate that its’ affects are barely noticeable over a short period of time. Global warming is not caused by man, but is occurring on all planets in our Solar System because we are being drawn closer and closer to the sun.

At the present time all of our planets are spiralling in the same direction, but we are coming to the time where our direction will soon change as depicted by the Mayan Calendar and predicted by the Hopi Indians. This change will come about due to what the Mayans refer to as “a great pillar of light”, but this is a generalization. In reality, this “pillar of light” will be an enormous solar flare. As I mentioned earlier, these solar flares are explosions within the sun due to gas escaping and they generally tend to travel in large arcs and that is because normally solar flares are affected by the magnetic fields and orbital velocity currents caused by the planets in their orbits. However, on December 21st, 2012 something exceptional will diminish these factors.

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Due to the lunar eclipse and the alignment of the planets, (which in theory happens only once every 26,000 years) there will be a portion of the Sun which is not affected as greatly by magnetic fields and currents, most likely the opposite point on the Sun from where all of the planets are aligned. With no obstacles or deterrents in the way, a solar flare will explode and create a visible “pillar of light”. The mixture of gas and heated liquid alloy will enter space in a much larger quantity than normal, and congeal together rather than disperse due to the absence of currents. When this mass finally enters the path of an orbiting planet, it will cool and take shape as a Sphere made entirely of alloy. In other words, another moon. (Possibly what the Sumerians were calling "Nibiru".)

Because this new moon is comprised completely of metal, it will have a significant effect on all gravitational fields it comes into contact with when passing through our Solar System. Therefore the introduction of this new moon will affect all the planets in the solar system as well as their poles. Our magnetic poles will shift and the direction of our spiral will begin to change, just as the direction of the sub-atomic particle whose orbit all planets are following at the present time will change direction at the heart of our black hole within our sun.

The infamous Planet X, or "Nibiru" that some are claiming is currently travelling towards us has caused a flurry of new ideas and new causes for speculation. I have heard speak of translators who claim that the Sumerians actually documented the arrival of visitors from "Nibiru" who managed to travel to Earth and had genetically altered the DNA of existing mammals in order to create our human species today for the purpose of a kind-of slavery.

I might be able to get on board with that theory, IF... A: I knew of ANY historical translator hybristic enough to claim that they were definitively positive that what they were saying was 100% accurate. B: I honestly believed it were possible for life to exist without an atmosphere millions of light years away from a central Star like our Sun, and C: The Sumerians were competent enough to understand 50% of what today's Scientists were saying using primitive symbols, characters and pictures, much less an Alien-life form that has managed to adapt to life on what appears to be (according to Satellite photos) a planet half covered in Lava. (Always remember people, consider the source.)

Q: What will happen then, on December 21st, 2012?

A: An enormous Solar Flare will erupt from the Sun wreaking havoc on our electronic systems and to make matters worse, the incredible influx of radiation will trigger drastic climate changes and a new moon passing through our system will alter our gravity and cause our poles to shift. As a result of all of this the greatest natural disasters known in our lifetime will begin to occur with greater and greater frequency until the Earth settles into its’ new path. There will be survivors, but the world's population will be significantly smaller.

Q: How did the Mayans and the Hopi Indians know this?

A: Well, quite simply, they were told. They were given this information (although they did not fully understand it as language was reduced down to pictures and images), just like the Sumerians and other ancient civilizations: Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Indians, etc. by the ones who survived the previous shift many years ago. Those survivors being modern day men, or quite bluntly, people like you and I. That’s right, this has happened before.

Q: How many times?

A: It’s difficult to say, but given what we know, probably no more than a few if that. Most likely, only once before.

Q: How did people survive?

A: Due to some safety concerns, I am not inclined to disclose this information at this time.
The rest of the story we have already figured out (although not completely), we call it “History” today.
So this is not the time to panic, nor freak out. This is the time to re-evaluate our priorities. Allow me to offer some potential scenarios:

Scenario #1: You freak out (although keep in mind I did suggest against this) and you decide to spend all of your time and money in order to have the time of your life while you can.
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The Reality- In a few months time, you'd be broke and possibly homeless. Way to go! Now you have more than a year and a half left, and your situation is exponentially worse then before.
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Scenario #2: You freak out (Lord knows why, I told you not to) and you decide to destroy, pillage, riot, steal, possibly even kill out of sheer rage, frustration and/or psychotic tendencies unleashed.
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The Reality- You'd be killed (way to go, you've sped up the process by almost 2 years), or you'd be caught and thrown in jail where you would be tortured and abused on a daily basis until 12/21/2012.
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Scenario #3: You freak out (As sad as it is, ) and you start a cult and try to acquire followers who believe in the same thing you do. Perhaps you protest, or start a commune in a remote area.

The Reality- Now that you have a whole group of people who've also freaked out and are in the same boat as you, you still don't have a solution and now you're thought to be Pagans, or potential terrorists.
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Scenario #4: You take into consideration everything you've read here today and remind yourself, "Maybe he's right, maybe he's not, either way, 12/21/2012 is a long way off and if something does happen, there's nothing I can do about it so I might as well live as best as I can with what I have while I still can.

Q: What can one do with this knowledge now?

A: Well, that is completely up to the individual. In the event that any of the aforementioned even closely resembles some semblance of truth, the best suggestion would be to make the most of the time you have, while you still have it. I've always said that "Hesitation is the gateway to failure", but I truly believe the saddest thing that can happen to someone is nothing, unless that's what they sincerely wished for.
In the end, I don't have all of the answers, and I'm no different than any of you, but if you're interested, go ahead and subscribe to this blog and to my youtube channel ( After all, let's face it, you're obviously bored enough to read this blog, so if I'm able to exploit that by giving you something to watch, then aren't I in some way, shape, or form an Angel?... lol.

Love the ones that love you and make sure that's the only condition...

If you want the entire story (which includes the complete explanation of Vampires, Aliens and other phenomena), look for the upcoming title: "Hindsight 2012" - 'Memories from the future = Predictions from the past'.

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